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For those who love cats and kittens there is a website just for you, it is called There are numerous videos to watch, see some of the cutest cats and kittens performing funny stunts that will make you laugh. They have cuddly lions cubs, playful kittens, snoozing cats, and even instructional videos on how to prepare special treats for your feline friend. I personally like the ones with cats interacting with other animals, it is so cute to watch. There are just so many to check out, guaranteed to put a smile on someones face. If you really enjoy the video there are several links in which to share with friends and family, such as Facebook. Maybe someone has videos or pictures that they have taken and would like to post them for others to view.

Not only do have videos they also have a picture collection as well. Captured at just the right moment in some of the cutest yet unusual poses. All of which can be shared as well, or used as a computer background. You can take a glimpse of their memes page, with its comical pictures and hilarious captions. Send a meme to someone and brighten up their day, they are sure to thank you for it. Depending on where a persons place of employment is, possibly share it with your coworkers.


The gifs page made me laugh so hard, it is some of the funniest videos I have ever seen. Basically it is cats and kittens caught in hilarious situations. These gifs are simply too adorable as well as awesome to watch. They may even give you some ideas of how to entertain the feline companion in your life. Perhaps someone is looking a cat or kitten of their own and cannot figure out what kind in which to get. Well, after observing the various cats on an idea might come to mind on which one is right for you.

My children also love to get on the website and watch the videos of kittens with me. They were so glad I introduced them to After looking at the many cute pictures of cuddly kittens, we ended up getting a little three month calico and named it Precious. She has brought such joy to our lives, just like one of the family and stayed with us for a very long time.